State Contract Award Notices - Commodities

Protective Outerwear
(Firefighting, Safety, Industrial And Hazardous Control Usage)

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{Updated / Revised}

Contract Period:  October 16, 2012 - December 31, 2017

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Group:   40061        Award:   22123    
                                            (Replaces 19298)
  Use of Contracts:   All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions

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Contact Person:   Neilene Rabideau
Telephone:  (518) 473-6518     Fax:  (518) 474-5052

Customer Service

Contract Issued:      October 16, 2012
Contract Updated:  September 06, 2017
Safety Shoes; Specialty Boots (various); Firefighting Turnout Gear, Helmets, Gloves, Firefighting Boots, Assault Clothing, EMS Clothing, Proximity Clothing, Search & Rescue Clothing and Wildland Clothing. Agencies Note: Please refer to the Preferred Source Products and Overlapping Contract Items clauses and TABLE 1: Preferred Sources and/or NYS Contract Overlap on pages 40 & 41. Agencies are required to purchase from the least expensive alternative meeting their form, function and utility if overlapping items exist.

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