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Historical Contract Fuel Prices

To view historical Net Fuel Prices, select a County, enter a Delivery Date and Click on "View Net Fuel Prices." Please note that net delivered prices for gasoline were not usually posted until one to two days after they take effect.

Prices are only available for the period 8/3/1998 through 11/30/2014 for all other Contracts not listed below.

To view the weekly posted fuel prices for the current Contract Awards:
Diesel (Group 05602, Award 22684);
Fuel Oil (Group 05500, Award 22685);
Gasoline (Group 05600, Award 22258); and
LP Gas (Group 05800, Award 22682 and Award 22780)
use the following page:
Select Delivery County
Enter Delivery Date [mm/dd/yy]

(Prices are only available for the period 8/3/1998 through 12/31/2014)

State of New York, Office of General Services 
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