Office of General Services

New York State Advisory Council On Procurement Lobbying
State Finance Law §139-j(10)(b)
List of Debarred Offerers Maintained by the Office of General Services under State Finance Law §139-j(10)(b)
State Finance Law §139-j(10) obligates a Governmental Entity to notify the Office of General Services (OGS) when it makes a determination of non-responsibility due to a violation of State Finance Law §139-j (a knowing and willful violation of the permissible Contacts requirements). Any subsequent determination of non-responsibility within a four year period shall result in an Offerer being rendered ineligible to submit a proposal on or be awarded any procurement contract for a period of four years from the date of the second final determination. OGS is required to maintain a publicly available list and publish such list on its website. If additional information is needed regarding a listing, please contact the Governmental Entity that made such determination. Additional information about this law can be found at

Please immediately notify the Deputy Commissioner and Counsel for the Office of Legal Services at the NYS Office of General Services if you have debarred a bidder pursuant to this section of law.

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* Governmental Entity making 1st determination is provided on the Non-responsible Bidders list.
Offerer FEIN # Date of 1st Non-responsibility determination* Date of 2nd Non-responsibility determination Governmental Entity making 2nd determination Debarred until

No Offerers have been reported as debarred in accordance with this section.