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Electronic Value Transfer Contract (EVT)
Welcome to New York State's Electronic Value Transfer Services (EVT)

OGS contact information:  (518) 486-2143

New York enacted legislation authorizing State agencies to collect fines, fees, rates, charges, taxes, interest, penalties, and other revenues and financial obligations through electronic payments, including card-based (e.g., credit cards) and non-card (e.g., electronic fund transfers) transactions.

The Electronic Value Transfer (EVT) program offers authorized users the opportunity to improve both customer service and operating efficiencies.

To provide a statewide approach to implementing EVT programs, this legislation included establishing the Electronic Value Transfer Administrator (EVTA). Effective June 2013, the Office of General Services (OGS) has been designated as the EVTA and is responsible for:

  • Establishing policies and direction for the State's electronic value transfer programs;
  • Facilitating and overseeing the State's electronic value transfer programs;
  • Developing and administering a program approval process;
  • Negotiating agreements with financial services processors; and
  • Determining the cost benefit to the state for utilizing alternative payment mechanisms.

State agencies must receive approval from the EVTA and the Division of the Budget (DoB) prior to implementation; other authorized users must receive EVTA review.

  • Agencies complete a Form EVTA-1, Program Plan Application for each payment program;
  • The EVTA evaluates Form EVTA-1 Applications, forwarding approved applications to the DoB;
  • The DoB evaluates applications forwarded by the EVTA, and informs EVTA of outcome; and
  • The EVTA notifies agency of approval or disapproval.
Key Merchant Services LLC (KMS) was awarded a contract, which replaces the previous contract with Global Payments. Key Merchant Services LLC is a partnership between Key Bank and Elavon. KMS provides all processing services for Visa, MasterCard and Discover transactions and for the front-end authorization of American Express

CONTRACT # OGS01 - PS65792 Key Merchant Services, LLC

For American Express (AMEX) branded cards, the State has negotiated a standard Discount Rate and reporting/settlement processing terms and conditions directly with American Express. Through this contract, users are able to accept AMEX card transactions. The contract permits authorized users to receive back-end settlement funds for American Express transactions.

CONTRACT # PS65669 American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

The EVT Contracts provide financial processing services, equipment (such as point-of-sale terminals) and software for card processing. However, these contracts do not provide for the development, maintenance or hosting of front-end applications (e.g., Internet application) for initiating electronic payments. The Office of General Services' HBITS contracts might be used for computer consulting, systems integration and training services. Review the following guidelines to ensure that your agency meets data security requirements for payment card acceptors.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Application Development Services
  • Internet/Intranet Application Development Services
  • Web Hosting Services

State agencies may consider using the HBITS contracts to obtain the services necessary to develop, maintain and host Internet and IVR applications capable of accepting electronic payments.
As an Authorized User of the OGS EVT contracts, you are a merchant that processes credit cards and must be in compliance to PCI DSS mandates (Payment Card Industry)

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Additional Information
  • EVT Credit Card Background Information
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Credit Card Settlement
  • Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Credit Card Chargebacks
  • Refunds:
    Generally, state agencies will utilize their normal refund process to credit cardholders for overpayments. Such overpayments can result from erroneous transactions (e.g., a cardholder entering an incorrect amount on an Internet payment application) or from reversed transactions (e.g., returning previously purchased goods).

    Some entities, such as local governments, may be able to utilize the industry standard method of submitting credit transactions to KMS to reimburse cardholders for previously overpaid transactions. Entities which will be processing credit transactions must indicate so in the Unique Terms and Conditions Section of Form EVTA-2.

    Agencies should develop procedures for tracking refunds issued to cardholders through their normal refund process. Agencies should utilize this information when responding to retrieval request to verify that a refund has not already been issued for the particular transaction in order to prevent both a chargeback and a refund being issued to a cardholder.

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