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Accident Reporting Procedures
When involved in an accident (an accident is defined as any incident occurring in, on, or near the vehicle), the operator of the state vehicle must complete and sign the Department of Motor Vehicles' Report of Motor Vehicle Accident Form (MV-104), using the name and address of the agency that the state vehicle is permanently assigned to as the owner of state vehicle. If the operator is unable to report the accident, it is the responsibility of his/her immediate supervisor to do so. This report must be legible and include an accurate description and drawing of the accident. All information regarding other vehicles involved should include, but not be limited to: operator name, address, date of birth, owner's name, address, plate number, year and make of vehicle, and the name of insurance company and policy number. Accidents should be reported through the transportation or accident coordinator, and OGS must receive a copy of the MV-104 as soon as possible (see contact information below). Additional procedures include:

  • If the police investigated the accident, and you have obtained a copy of the police report, please send a copy to OGS. It is imperative that OGS be notified immediately, particularly on all accidents involving serious injuries or fatality. Please do not instruct the claimant to contact the state's Third Party Administrator (Cool Risk Management) as they are unable to help the claimant until a report is received.
  • It is the driver's responsibility to report within 10 days any accident occurring in New York State causing death, personal injury or damage over $1,000 to the property of any one person to the Department of Motor Vehicles. OGS does not file reports with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
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  • Inquiries and/or correspondence from claimants and/or their insurance companies, as well as any medical bills for passengers of state vehicles should always be directed to OGS Bureau of Risk, Insurance and Fleet Management for proper handling. In order to identify our file, please include the state driver's name and the date of accident on all correspondence.

In the event that the state vehicle is damaged by the other party:

  • Obtain two estimates and forward two copies of each estimate to OGS Bureau of Risk, Insurance and Fleet Management as soon as possible. If the vehicle is a total loss, documentation stating same must be submitted.
  • If the vehicle has been repaired, proof of repairs should be forwarded. Photographs of damages are necessary to help the Attorney General's Civil Recoveries Bureau in collecting from the other party's insurance company. In the event an insurance adjuster wishes to inspect the damages, please include the location of the vehicle. If not available, indicate a contact person and phone number for the company to contact. (If the above information is received in a timely manner, collection against the other party's insurance company can usually be done in the same year.)
  • All claim drafts received directly from an insurance company must be forwarded, along with the date of accident and state operator's name, to OGS Bureau of Risk, Insurance and Fleet Management for processing and will be returned to the proper agency by the Attorney General's Civil Recoveries Bureau.
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