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New York State Office of General Services - Employee Carpool Program
Parking Management
Carpool And Save: Carpool Incentive Program
The Office of General Services (OGS) and the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations offers a carpool incentive program for state employees working in downtown Albany. The program is designed to decrease the number of vehicles on Capital District roadways, improve air quality, and provide convenience and reduced costs to those seeking parking in OGS-managed lots and garages.

The program is available in six downtown parking facilities and requires two carpoolers on each permit. Currently, applications to the program are placed on a waitlist status. The following parking lots and garages are available under the Carpool Incentive Program:
Carpool Lot Number of Carpool Occupants Cost Per Occupant/Per Pay Period Shuttle Service
Empire State Plaza 2 $6.23 Yes
East Parking Garage 2 $6.23 Yes
East Garage Roof 2 $3.12 Yes
Water Street 2 $3.12 Yes
100 Broadway 2 $3.12 Yes
McCarty Avenue 2 $3.12 Yes
Sheridan Hollow Garage 2 $6.23 No
Sheridan Hollow Roof 2 $3.12 No
DEC Garage Roof
(Available Only to Residents of 625 Broadway)
2 $6.23 No
  • Discounted Rates: The parking rates offered through the Carpool Incentive Program are approximately 75 percent less than what an employee would pay for a regular permit at each location.
  • Alternate Parking: Carpoolers are allowed two days per month in which they can bring in both vehicles. For example, if your carpooler has a midday appointment, both carpoolers can drive into work that day. Alternative parking days do not roll over from month to month.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home (GHR) Program: If a carpooler needs to leave early or stay late due to an emergency, the carpooler will get a ride home for free, up to four times a year or up to $150 a year, whichever comes first.
  • Reinstatement to Previous Permit: If you decide to cancel your carpool, you will be reinstated to your previous permit location.
To Qualify:
  • All carpool members must reside in the same locale or along a direct commute to work. OGS reserves the right to evaluate each application.
  • All carpool members must have a vehicle registered in their name or in the name of a household member.
  • All carpool members must have a valid driver’s license.
To Apply and be placed on a waiting list: Acceptance:
  • Carpool permits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. OGS will place applications on a waitlist and contact all carpool members upon acceptance. Each member will be issued a hang-tag.
  • Carpoolers must relinquish their old OGS parking permit and any status on another employee’s permit.
  • Upon acceptance, all carpoolers must fill-out and submit a Payroll Deduction Authorization/Cancellation Request (CS 783) form for the automatic deduction of parking fees.
  • All carpool permits will be recertified annually.
  • Only one vehicle registered to the carpool may be parked at the lot at one time.
  • Participants may NOT drop off registered carpool members before entering the lot.
  • Carpoolers must notify and be granted approval from OGS Parking Management in the event that any members of a carpool group have extended periods of time off or other absences. To submit a request, E-Mail:
  • OGS Parking Management staff will monitor carpools entering the lot. Any carpooler entering a parking facility as a single occupied vehicle more than two times per month without proper notification and approval from OGS Parking Management is subject to termination from the carpool program.
  • Carpooler permit holders in the East Parking Garage and Sheridan Hollow Garage are required to park in designated carpool spaces. These spaces are lined green, and have signage designating them as carpool parking.
  • OGS Parking Management reserves the right to request that any missing carpooler(s) be replaced or the carpool permit will be revoked.
  • If a member of a carpool leaves, the other members have two weeks to find a replacement or the carpool permit will be terminated.
OGS Parking Management
Room 130, Concourse
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12242
Tel: 518-474-8118
Fax: 518-474-0111